Expert consulting services for nonprofit organizations.


Working with boards of directors and chief executives since 2009.

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Let us help put the pieces together for you.

Heathcliff & Company, LLC provides expert consulting services to the nonprofit sector: family offices; corporations; foundations; government agencies; and nonprofit organizations.

We specialize in high profile, strategic initiatives and organizational development that empowers boards, strengthens management teams, and builds the capacity of organizations to achieve their goals.

Whether focusing on the big picture or figuring out the details, we develop lasting and innovative solutions for our clients.

We develop a different plan for each client because no two clients are alike.


We help clients identify, gather, and evaluate the critical information they need to make thoughtful, informed decisions. We ask hard questions, provide honest answers, and never lose sight of the big picture—our clients’ success.


The best strategies and plans may never succeed if people are not inspired and motivated to succeed. We help clients recognize and elevate culture and vision to create the conditions for success.


Success requires everyone to be on the same page, which is why it is important to have a simple, clear strategic plan that everyone understands. We help clients create and renew strategic plans.


Boards and chief executives must elevate and articulate organizational values. They must simultaneously be oriented toward the future, focused on the present, having learned the lessons of the past.


Strength of board x Skills and abilities of chief executive x Culture =
The measure of success!

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Heathcliff & Company, LLC was founded in 2009 to provide expert consulting services to nonprofit organizations. We specialize in governance, management, and organizational development.

Let us help put the pieces together for you.